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Galaxity is the Capital of the Earth and of the Terran Galactic Empire. It is home to the Spatio-Temporal Agency headquarters.

It was founded after a Hydrogen Bomb was detonated on Earth, melting the ice caps, and changing the very surface landscape of the planet. Though it seemed a utopia ruled by the scientific elite where the citizens wanted for nothing, Galaxity's leadership had imperialistic ambitions with their mastery of time travel causing many humans to view themselves as a superior species.

In all its history, Galaxity had produced only one political prisoner: Xombul, once the Chief of the Dream Service, he sought to change Earth's past.

After the mining colony of Technorog was revealed to have been inhabited by the still living Alflololians, a delegation was brough to the Galaxity in the XB982.

At the Point Central meeting, the humans sought to use their advanced technology to spread their empire to all species only for the Shadows to discover this and expel them from the station.

In the course of their adventures, Valérian and Laureline ran across God, himself but an advanced alien lifeform, who manipulated them into preventing the calamity that had led to Galaxity's founding, thereby removing the interference of the Terran Empire in the tributes of Hypsis. It was later revealed that Galaxity still existed, suspended within a supermassive black hole in the void between universes.

Spared from the wake in the timeline by the Neferfalen Nebula, Jal attempted to recreate the cataclysm and recreate Galaxity but soon understood the errors of his acts and stood down.

After Valérian and Laureline unleashed the power of the Time Opener, Galaxity was restored. Having been irrevocably changed by their time away from the city, they were unable to return to living in it. When they ran across Xombul, also resurrected by the Time Opener, the duo took him up on his offer to use a time machine and live out the rest of their lives in the 21st century.


  • Whether Galaxity refers to a singular city that Valérian and Laureline operate out of or if the city has grown to cover the entirety of Earth is never made clear as the terms "Galaxity" and "Earth" are used interchangeably.